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The curtain is away

So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?

WikiLeaks revealed how the CIA kidnapped an innocent German and tortured him for months, then attempting to stop Germany from arresting its operatives.

The WikiLeaks Iraq war logs have caused the UN to urge for a full U.S. torture investigation.

WikiLeaks has revealed how scientists manipulated global warming research data in order to make it seem more consequential.

WikiLeaks showed how the Obama administration handed over Iraqi detainees despite reports of torture.

WikiLeaks has convinced the European Parliament to form a transatlantic inquiry into torture cases in Iraq.

WikiLeaks revealed how U.S. troops were specifically ordered to turn a blind eye to torture in Iraq.

WikiLeaks has revealed the National Socialist Movement’s neo-nazi internal workings.

WikiLeaks detailed December 2006, the bloodiest month in Iraq’s war, with 103 civilians dying every day.

WikiLeaks has demonstrated how Australia, Finland and Denmark are using child pornography as an excuse to censor legitimate websites.

The documents released by WikiLeaks have convinced the UN to call for investigations into human rights violations.

WikiLeaks has shown how U.S. troops repeatedly failed to detail civilian deaths in Iraq, even in large-scale seiges.

WikiLeaks has never exposed a source and has provided lawyers and financial backing for the trial of alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning.

WikiLeaks detailed Al-Qaeda’s use of chemical weapons in Iraq.

WikiLeaks revealed Al-Qaeda’s deadly exploitation of children in Iraq.

WikiLeaks revealed how Trafigura, an African oil company, caused widespread illness through a toxic gas dump.

WikiLeaks revealed how the CIA and Hillary Clinton ordered U.S. diplomats to spy on UN leadership, even collecting DNA data.

WikiLeaks revealed more than 15,000 civilian deaths in Iraq that had previously been concealed by the U.S. government.

WikiLeaks revealed allegations of U.S. troops abusing Iraqi prisoners even after Abu Ghraib.

WikiLeaks uncovered the truth behind Iceland’s 2009 financial crisis, bringing many corrupt managers to justice.

WikiLeaks revealed how U.S. forces killed hundreds of innocent civilians at checkpoints in Iraq.

WikiLeaks exposed Scientology, a religion that scams its followers into a delusional set of beliefs in exchange for their money.

WikiLeaks revealed how Iran devised suicide weaponry for Al-Qaeda use in Iraq.

WikiLeaks ended the corrupt rule of the Arap-Moi family in Kenya.

WikiLeaks has revealed hundreds of significant Afghanistan war incidents that were hidden by the U.S. government.

WikiLeaks clarified the terms of operation at Guantanamo Bay, one of the most controversial detention centers in the world.

WikiLeaks revealed the previously unreported deaths of four Canadian soldiers at the hands of U.S. friendly fire in Afghanistan.

WikiLeaks exposed how the U.S. pressured Spain to drop the case of a cameraman that was killed in a 2003 attack on journalists in Baghdad…